[uf-discuss] URLs surrounded with brackets don't appear

Serdar Kiliç serdar at kilic.net
Fri Jul 27 23:17:11 PDT 2007

Hi Nancy,
On 28/07/2007, at 6:59 AM, Nancy Tubbs wrote:

> In case other email clients are like mine, you all might want to  
> know that URLs surrounded with brackets aren't visible when reading  
> the email. To see this link below I had to view source.  URLs  
> without brackets show up fine. Just fyi in case it's a broader issue.
> Nancy

It's fairly common to place links between angle brackets in email  
messages as this usually prevents long urls "breaking" when wrapped  
to a second line. It appears as though you're reading emails in HTML  
which is why the hyperlinks are disappearing as they're being treated  
as an HTML tag (with no name, thus being ignored). Try switching your  
mail client to plain text. Good luck!

Serdar Kiliç

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