[uf-discuss] Re: birthday versus birthdate

Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Tue Jul 31 03:44:54 PDT 2007

Ray Daly wrote:

> But in my view birthday is only month and date because it repeats
> every year. And some people don't want to disclose their year of birth
> but do want to celebrate their birthday. (eg 19 June).

As vCalendar doesn't allow any syntax to specify a date without a year,
you have three choices:

	1. Don't use hCalendar to record the birthday;
	2. Record the year, even if people don't want you to; or
	3. Use an implausible year, e.g. AD 1800 or AD 2500.

(If using option #3, make sure you don't choose a year so far back in time
that it pushes you into the Julian calendar. All hell will break loose.)

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