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Sorry no - still in staging
Clipped markup here:

<div id="content-inner" class="hreview">
    <div class="item">
        <div id="title" class="clear-float">
              <h1>ALBUMS</h1><h2 class="fn">The Fall, Fall Heads Roll</h2>
        <div class="section full-width" id="promo">
              <div class="content clear-float album-details">
                <div class="image-wrapper">
                      <img alt="Picture of: Fall Heads Roll" class="photo"
gif" width="70" />
                    <div class="text-wrapper">
                        <dd><span class="vcard"><a
href="/preview/661/artist" class="fn url">The Fall</a></span></dd>
                        <dd><span class="vcard"><span class="fn
    <div class="section full-width">
          <div class="content">
            <ul class="tracklist link-list">
                <li>Ride Away</li>
                <li>Pacifying Joint</li>
                <li>What About Us?</li>
                <li>Midnight in Aspen</li>
                <li>Aspen Reprise</li>
                <li>I Can Hear the Grass Grow</li>
                <li>Bo Demmick</li>
                <li>Clasp Hands</li>
                <li>Early Days of Channel FÃ1Ž4hrer</li>
                <li>Breaking the Rules</li>
                <li>Trust in Me</li>
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from this list you can <a
ml">edit  Fall Heads Roll at MusicBrainz</a>.</p>
    <div class="section full-width">
        <div class="content">
            <div class="long-copy">
                <div class="review description">
                        <p>Hearing Mark E. Smith shout over a rumbling beat
is one of life's singular pleasures. He drawls like Johnny Cash after too
many pints.</p>
                    <p>A newteam of young whippersnappers have been chosen
to form the latest incarnation of The Fall. Honed into a brutal, head
banging rock beastthey do a great Bo Diddley and thrash their way through an
acid scrambled version of The Move's "I Can Hear The Grass Grow".</p>
                    <p>Smith filters dark thoughts through the broken prism
of his brain. He chides those who spread "lies and discontent" on the
lopsided "Ride Away" before singing "Hey, Hey". It's funny, but I'm not sure
why. "What About Us" tells the story ofan East German rabbit who moves to
the North of England and gets annoyed about Harold Shipman.</p>
                    <p>By his own high standards Smith's performances here
are erratic. Sometimes he's as sharp as a needle, sometimes he's
                    <p>But "Ya Wanner" and "Clasp Hands" are classic Fall:
driving riffs with Smith's lyrical gems smeared on top. When they're this
good, there's no one within shouting distance.</p>
                  <p><span class="reviewer vcard"><span class="fn">Andrew
McGregor</span></span> (<abbr class="dtreviewed"
            <p class="license">This review is licensed under a <a
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comments or read other people's.</a></p>

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>> review...
>> Any thoughts?
> could you provide us with a link so we can help sort out this issue?

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