[uf-discuss] Microformats in WYSIWYG Editors

gareth rushgrove gareth at morethanseven.net
Mon Jun 11 10:51:46 PDT 2007

Hi Tim

On 07/06/07, Tim Brown <tim at tbrown.org> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> What are your thoughts on creating and maintaining microformats once
> they're in the editable region of a page that users can edit via
> The only possible solution I can think of is for CMS systems to have
> built-in hyperlink-creation-style highlighting, then either detect or
> have users input microformat details....

This came up in conversation at the recent @media conference but it
does seem a thorny problem. Other option (besides a highlight, point
and click wysiwyg affair) could be a microformats extension to
something like textile (not for everyone) or clever language analysis
tools to "recognise" names, addresses, locations and dates, etc. and
to add relevant markup.

All problems waiting to be solved as far as I know thought I'd be
interested in being proved wrong.


> Tim
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Gareth Rushgrove

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