[uf-discuss] wysiwyg editors and microformats

Rickards, Julian (NDM) julian.rickards at ontario.ca
Mon Jun 25 10:16:47 PDT 2007

Using the PDF from suda.co.uk that identifies the components of
microformats, it suggests that the only two required classes of the
hCard are vcard and fn. If a validator is looking for more (assuming you
are using the hCard specification as the standard and not the standard
for the business that might also require email, phone and/or other
components to be valid within that business), then the specification (or
the PDF) should make that clear to us.


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Chris Heilmann wrote:

... This is the other side of development where we need to improve:
simply converting an hcard to vcard via XSLT is not enough, the
conversion script needs to be clever enough to validate if there is at
least a url, phone number or email before converting it to vcard or
throw a message that there is not enough data to convert this into a
meaningful vcard.

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