[uf-discuss] "abbr" and accessibility - a work around.

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 02:10:57 PDT 2007

> >Also, speaking as a human being, what is the point of lat/lon
> >information being displayed to me anyways? I cannot fathom
> [...]
> You're making the - common - mistake of assuming that, because you don't
> understand, like, want or do something, nobody else does.

Well, we just conducted usability tests on a local search application
that displayed lat and lon and most users we tested on were confused
as to what they were. You could put your argument under any of the
other emails, though, as we do want to have geo in web sites, and
assume it is useful for people to copy and paste, print out or
whatever. I agree with patrick that an interface element that explains
what that is before showing it is the best option.

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