[uf-discuss] Date of Death in hCard

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Jun 27 13:29:14 PDT 2007

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<1e76a9d60706271311q456375e3tca7c3c1c3bd4e05f at mail.gmail.com>, Andrew 
Jaswa <ajaswa at gmail.com> writes

>I think my only objection would be that the hCard is a 1:1
>representation of the properties and values of the vCard [1]. Since
>vCards don't have a death date I would object.

The proposal is to change that, so that hCard /uses/ a 1:1 
representation of vCard, but can have additional properties (well, this 
one, at least).

Can you say why you think that would be a problem?

>Are there programs out there that can handle death dates in their
>vCard implementations?

No, but that's no matter; If you wish to export an hCard with a death 
date, as a vCard, then you just drop the date of death (or, if you 
prefer, record it as a note).

>I would think that the notes section could be used for the death date.

That's unstructured data, and thus unsemantic.

>Using the notes section would then keep the 1:1 relationship between
>hCards and vCards.


Andy Mabbett

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