namespaces discussions off-topic (was Re: [uf-discuss] changing abbr-design-pattern to title-design-pattern?)

Ian Davis lists at
Tue May 1 01:01:13 PDT 2007

On 01/05/2007 07:26, Tantek Çelik wrote:
> It's been tried by numerous groups, before microformats, and after.  It's
> even been tried in the context of RSS and RDF, and in practice people write
> scrapers that look for namespace prefixes as if they are part of the element
> name, not as mere shorthands for namespace URIs.

Isn't this a narrow view of namespaces, i.e. the XML viewpoint. There 
are many types of non-URI/QName namespacing mechanisms such as Java 
package name conventions, Perl module conventions etc. Are those 
offtopic too?

> If you want to carry on a theoretical discussion of namespaces, please do so
> elsewhere, for in practice, discussing them is a waste of time, and
> off-topic for microformats lists.

Apologies for this post. If the answer to the above is yes then this 
will be the last from me on this topic.


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