[uf-discuss] changing abbr-design-pattern to title-design-pattern?

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue May 1 11:35:10 PDT 2007

In message <463706CF.70403 at revish.com>, Dan Champion <dan at revish.com>

>If the aim is to retain the data in the body, yet render it invisible
>to all users, including those of assistive technologies, what about
>using a comment as the data container:
><span class="dtstart"><!--YYYYMMDDTHHMMSSZ+HHMM-->DD Month</span>
>This may be totally off the mark and considered a hack, but comments
>are markup and are parseable.

I'd been thinking about that, too, but, sadly, there is no guarantee
that comments will be available to a parser - some CMSs (not least
Wikipedia) remove them from the output HTML; as (I've read) do some web
proxies, particularly those which compress pages for use on mobile
devices or slow connections.

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