[uf-discuss] human readable date parsing

Patrick H. Lauke redux at splintered.co.uk
Thu May 3 19:10:21 PDT 2007

Al Gilman wrote:

> If the machineable info is not routinely passing through the
> consciousness of the communicating principals (that is, people),

Who may, without the machine-mediated interpretation, not actually be 
able to make a qualitative judgement (e.g. if I see a geo lat/long value 
, I'm not enough of a walking map to instantly be able to review that 
data...so I will need to run it through something like google maps to 
work out if the data is duff or not)...

> If in some community of communication, the data is routinely
> extracted into view often enough so that bad data tend to get weeded
> out, then the storage or transmission form doesn't have to be
> directly comprehensible by people. But one of the virtues of markup
> languages is just how much of the info is directly under the quality
> control of people; expressed in as little-encoded form as can be
> gotten away with.

But to bring it back to the original argument, the routine extraction 
does not necessarily have to equate to data visible in, say, a tooltip. 
The routine extraction may well be mediated via some machine interpretation.

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