[uf-discuss] Expanding the abbr pattern: thoughts

Absalom Media absalom at iinet.net.au
Fri May 4 01:50:10 PDT 2007

I've done more testing with the spanned/title solution to an abbreviated
 date time pattern, and finally confirmed Jon Gibbins' report. It seems
JAWS has a few nuances I didn't know about.

I was planning to 'bake' a forum and comment system with microformats
(hAtom & hReview) and I'd prefer to get the date time pattern thing
solved before I start coding.

Breton's solution might work, but it just seems like too many spanned
elements (spanitis?).

Obviously, if we're going to run with ISO8601, we need to include the
dashes as JAWS does read it better (which may require the usetitle

Any feedback on what would be an adequate common ground for this issue
as I want to start developing ?



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