[uf-discuss] Yahoo introduces no-search microformat like function

Ted Drake tdrake at yahoo-inc.com
Fri May 4 14:19:31 PDT 2007

This was a bit of a surprise on the yahoo search blog.
It’s using the word “tag” incorrectly. It seems the search department is
adding a new microformat-like function that will allow us to tell spiders
what parts of the page are insignificant to SEO.

This sounds like a useful idea. It may even help us target phone devices and
other alternative presentations. I watched a demo the other day of a voice
activated browser for any phone. They were able to use algorithms to decide
what parts of a web page were worth reading to a listener.
This microformat spells it out pretty quickly.

What’s the traction for something like this and “no-follow” to get
integrated into the microformat platform?

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