[uf-discuss] Regarding POSH and misuse of the microformats logo

Patrick Griffiths ptg at htmldog.com
Mon May 7 05:31:08 PDT 2007

>> I'm of the opinion that "Semantic HTML" is a perfectly fine term for
>> Semantic HTML, and I'm a little sceptical of the utility of a new
>> acronym for it. If there's a problem with people still not understanding
>> semantic html, either the arguments for it aren't being made clear
>> enough and loud enough, or maybe the arguments simply don't chime with
>> html authors ' perceptions of what they are doing.
> Agreed (but lets not call it SHTML or POSH, or anything other than
> "Semantic HTML" :) ).  There's no harm in drumming in the semantic
> part as being of great importance by explicitely stating it in that
> way.

I think that's a really good point, and I completely agree.

Regarding the points not being clear or loud enough though, I'm not so 
sure. There are *always* going to be people who don't fully understand 
things, especially as they're getting to grips with them, and attempting 
to run (eg. microformats) before they can walk (eg. semantic HTML). 
We've just got to live with it (that's not to say we can't help), rather 
than think there's some immense crisis that needs to be (or rather 
*can*) be solved.


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