[uf-discuss] New Microformats.dk website

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Tue May 8 09:22:16 PDT 2007

I found this Website today, i don't think it has been mentioned on
this list before. It is a microformats website for Danish speakers.


I know that we now have several other sites which are translating our
blog and other content. We have a French Site, English, Japanese,
Danish, Ukrainian (i think), and i'm sure i am forgetting others.

As a community how should we embrace and extended these relationships?
I couldn't find a wiki page that lists these other sites - and i'm not
sure what you'd call it if we were to start a page.

Any thoughts about how we could get these other communities to help
advocate and localize content? we should help them to work
independently but at the same time give them enough information in
formats that they can use so we have a consistent message.

How can we help?

brian suda

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