[uf-discuss] Hidden Locality/Country?

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed May 23 15:29:09 PDT 2007

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>The issue I'm having right now is finding a balance between keeping my
>site optimized for human reading, and also making it as semantically
>robust as possible for machines. The specific issue is that since every
>business on the site is found within our county, it makes no sense to
>include either locality (California) or country-name (US) in the
>address information for the reader to see. This simply takes up space
>without adding any information -- the site is manifestly about
>businesses based in California, which is therefore in the US.

Include the information on the page at least once (not least to
differentiate between other Californias, such as the one in Birmingham,
England!) and include it in each hCard using the "include-pattern":


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