[uf-discuss] rel-edit

Fil fil at rezo.net
Sun May 27 01:55:50 PDT 2007

> I wonder, though, if marking up the edit link has a real use case.
> What kind of tool would make use of it, and in what way?

A little testimony: I'm programming a CMS that enables several links
to edit content. One of these links is to a global "edit this article"
page ; the other links are for in-context edition ("edit this title").
A click on such a local in-context edit link will call a little
javascript, that will fetch an edit form via "ajax", and on and on.

Currently the markup we use for the first link is a <a>, we could add
rel="edit". No problem here.

For in-context edition, there is no <a>, it's just a class that's
appended to to the element. Ex:
    <h1 class="crayon article-titre-34">Titre</h1>
our js script is going to read the page, find the .crayon elements and
add to them all that's necessary to make hem editable (event
processing and so on). .article-titre-34 means it's the title from the
entry 34 in the articles table.

I think the latter example is typical of a tool that could use
rel=edit stuff. But in this case, how could it be?

-- Fil

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