[uf-discuss] RFC: sHTML Video Thumbnailing

Patrick H. Lauke redux at splintered.co.uk
Sun May 27 18:04:42 PDT 2007

Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:

>> <a rev="thumbnail" href="http://example.com/video">
>>    <img src="http://example.com/thumbnail.jpg">
>> </a>
> I'm not sure if the "rev" attribute is being used correctly in your markup.

Rev defines the reverse link to the current document, not to whatever is 
encapsulated by the link itself...unless I'm reading the spec wrong
"This attribute describes the relationship from the current document to 
the anchor specified by the href attribute"

So, the above would mean "the current document as a whole is the 
thumbnail for http://example.com/video" rather than "the img is the 
thumbnail for ...".

So yes, it's a slight misuse (or a case of "stretching the semantics", 
if you will) of rev, I'd say.

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