[uf-discuss] Complete n00b: adr microformat

paul_wilkins at xtra.co.nz paul_wilkins at xtra.co.nz
Wed Nov 7 16:16:52 PST 2007

From: Katrina <Kaz at t-tec.com.au>
> The quote from RFC 2426 refers to 'the' locality and 'the' extended 
> address, which to me, sounds like exactly one.
> Is it legitimate to have multiple localities or extended addresses?

My bad there, sorry for the confusion Katrina.

All properties are singular, so the China example would have more like
 following details and structure

United Airlines C/D1 Unit, 15th Floor,
Tower A, GATEWAY No.18
Xiaguangli, North Road,
East Third Ring Chaoyang District
Beijing 100027

<div class="adr">
  <span class="extended-address">United Airlines C/D1 Unit, 15th
 Floor<br />
  Tower A, GATEWAY No.18</span><br />
  <span class="street-address">Xiaguangli, North Road</span><br />
  <span class="locality">East Third Ring Chaoyang District</span><br />
  <span class="region">Beijing</span> <span
 class="postal-code">100027</span><br />
  <span class="country-name">China</span>

Paul Wilkins

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