[uf-discuss] assess site content to identify patterns, is there a form?

Jesse Rodgers jrrodgers at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 13:39:58 PST 2007


With some of the grad work that has been going on looking at
microformats, I was wondering if anyone has devised a process/form to
assess web page content? I have been trying to figure exactly what
information you need to collect and where it fits. It isn't exactly
design patterns but more content patterns within the context of the

What I think I am looking for is a formal (could stand up to academic
scrutiny) process/method/template for:

> *-examples Find examples on today's web of the the type of content you think needs a microformat. Document them with URLs. Document the schemas implied by the content examples. This is the action that helps follow principle 3, design for humans first, machines second ... adapt to current behaviors and usage patterns. Start by cloning the  examples page and filling it out.

 Ideally someone has exactly what I am looking for documented
somewhere so I can cite it ;)


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