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Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 03:35:24 PST 2007

2007/11/25, Tatsuya Noyori <nojorin at gmail.com>:
> I changed <link> to <a>. Is this correct?

--- there is another option. In HTML the <html> element allows for a
profile attribute. This profile attribute is a list of URLs that
further define terms in the page. We have created an XMDP document to
describe an hCard.


As for your examples, in the prose of the specification, we state that
the terms are case-specific because CSS is case-specific, so
class='tel" is valid, but class="TeL" is not.
2005-07-23 raised by DanConnolly
Q. Are class names case sensitive or not? hcard says "If names in the
source schema are case-insensitive, then use an all lowercase
A: ACCEPTED FAQ. Class names are case sensitive per the HTML4
specification. Hence hCard explicitly specifies the case of class name
to use for source schema names that are case-insensitive.

The values: Home, home, and HOME are all valid:
Is the list of possible types for an ADR and TEL case sensitive?
No, enumerated values are case-INsensitive, therefore Home, home,
HOME, etc are all equivalent

I hope this helps, much of the automated schema parsing is solved in
text in the spec not in a format document.


brian suda

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