[uf-discuss] using microschema

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Mon Nov 26 07:21:13 PST 2007

On 26 Nov 2007, at 13:07, Tatsuya Noyori wrote:
> Is this correct?
> <a style="visibility:hidden" rel="microschema"
> href="http://microformats.org/2007/hcard.rng">hcard microschema</a>

That would be valid, but of course you now have unwelcome content  
added to the page.

I urge you to step back, take in the responses already made elsewhere  
in the thread (particularly regarding HTML profiles). You need to  
have a problem to solve before you focus on some sort of solution.  
You've still not described a problem that this would solve. If  
there's a problem with the way microformats are currently implemented  
then we absolutely need to know about it, but so far the  
namespaceless, schemaless system we're using seems to be working out  
fine. But if that's not the case, please highlight the problem.

Additionally, and I mean this more generally, everyone proposing  
anything into syntax must remember that microformats operate in HTML,  
not just XHTML. Any solution dependent on XML, such as self-closing  
elements which are not self-closing in HTML4, is not appropriate for  


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