[uf-discuss] ufXtract - new microformats parser

Guillaume Lebleu gl at brixlogic.com
Mon Nov 26 10:28:57 PST 2007

Thanks Glenn,

I wonder what you and others think about the following idea.
Since one of your output mechanism is XML, I thought an idea might be to 
use XML schema (with possibly uf-specific appinfo 
annotations/documentation where relevant) to declare each microformat, 
instead of serialized C# collection in a bespoke syntax or a new 
microschema syntax (see separate thread).
Granted, not everything can be expressed in the XSD (just like not 
everything can be expressed in serialized C# collections), but a lot 
can, and it might be valuable to developers who want to do microformat 
processing via classes generated from the XSD, instead of via DOM/XPath.
What do people think? what am I missing?


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