[uf-discuss] Wiki order?

Klaus Mueller m at klml.de
Wed Nov 28 14:59:35 PST 2007


>> So I have a few questions about the wiki, which I didn't found in the
>> wiki or the mailing archive. I would expand the how-to-play article.
>> * You don't use Mediawiki Categories. Why? I dont't want to chance this
>> rule, I only want to explain it
> No particular reason. The best explanation may be that no one's
> volunteered to do it yet.
But Tantek told my not to categorize? (Thats the reason why I am "not
bold" and writing here)

>> * Is it OK to use more templates?
>> ** one for different language versions of an Article, like the interwiki
>> concept
>> ** "buttons" or boxes for the status of the site (standard, draft,
>> discuss)
> Once again, volunteers welcome. :)
Great, I will do it;)

>> * can we use interwiki links to Wikipedia ( eg [[wp:Baltimore]])
> I'm not sure how this syntax is better than a plain link.
Plain links in a continuous text are often not so readable. And link
sources you used very often (like Wikipedia) could so made shorter.

>> * should we use more the project-namespace? Some sides like how-to-play
>> could be there?
> In general I don't think namespaces buy us anything (on the wiki, or
> elsewhere), so I don't think it's a good idea.
I think you are right, often content is too namespaced,
especially-filesystem-geeks overshoot here. So I will do It without.
And  if we  want  namespaces in the future, all options are still open.


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