[uf-discuss] Operator's support for Include-pattern in hcards ?

LucaP lucapost at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 10:01:28 PDT 2007

Despite the lack of feedback about my recent 'hcards into Table-TRs'
post, I kept testing with it and added two include-patterns for
organization-name and fax-number.
The general hcard for the institution (in the page-footer) contains:
<span class="organization-name" id="k">INGV - Bologna Branch</span>
<span class="tel" id="j"><span class="type">fax</span> +39-051-4151498</span>

 each staff member hcard references that with:
<a class="include" href="#k"></a>
<a class="include" href="#j"></a>

Tails correctly displays the whole data-set for each hcard, while
Operator looses the included fields completely ('Export Contact' ->
Mac OS Address Book but also in the 'Debug' panel)

Am I doing something wrong or is Operator missing support for the
Please check the page at:

ciao, Luca

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