[uf-discuss] OBJECT include pattern and excess HTTP requests

Duncan Cragg uf-discuss at cilux.org
Tue Oct 9 04:37:35 PDT 2007

> I've swapped for the hyperlink include pattern (however, repeating
> the review item name as the InnerText of the anchor, so as not to
> create poorly accessible empty anchors).


> My feeling is that the Wiki content on the include pattern needs a
> tidy anyway, but if this issue with firing unwanted requests is
> unfixable, I think we should restructure to promote the hyperlink-
> include as the first-choice solution.


Duncan Cragg

PS It's then just a small step to allow off-page includes, which is
related to the interlinked hCards on different sites that I was
talking about recently on this list.  If anyone can come up with more
real-world use-cases for this type of cross-site uF linkage, I'd be
most grateful.  Looking further ahead (wrong list for that, I know)
I'd see good mashup opportunities from allowing more uF
interlinkage...    =0)

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