[uf-discuss] semantic web and microformats

Patrick Aljord patcito at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 13:12:53 PDT 2007

Thank you all Tom and everybody for your great answers, keep them going :)

On 10/9/07, Kevin Marks <kevinmarks at gmail.com> wrote:
> That's a little spurious, Tom - the issue is not parsing it, it's
> translating the parsed results into something that has meaning to a
> human. That you can express things in triple or in nested dicts and
> lists is one thing; knowing that one means a name and one means a
> phone number is another.

indeed, as an example the Mofo library in ruby can parse many
microformats by putting them in hashes and arrays, and the parser
doesn't actually need to know every single attributes of each
microformats, it will just put different attributes in hashes and
arrays and then the application that use those hash needs to
understand them to translate them.
I think it's kind of the same thing for RDF file, parsers will always
display the right tree  and triplets but then the application that use
thoses parsed trees is the one that needs to understand those trees. I
agree though with Tom that when it comes to microformats, when a new
one appears you need to work a bit on your parser to get it and then
to work on your application to translate it, with RDF you don't need
to rework on your parser.

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