[uf-discuss] semantic web and microformats

Duncan Cragg uf-discuss at cilux.org
Wed Oct 10 08:43:23 PDT 2007

> > I may have come late and missed this - what is this 'common JSON
> > representation' of which you speak??
> It's a hypothetical standard syntax for exchanging microformat
> representations, being discussed on the microformats-dev list (as it
> would only be used by developers).  Just like RDF, it would tell a
> parser everything about the structure of a schema, but nothing about
> the meaning.  Of course HTML already does that.

Cool!  Here are some links I followed as a result (in case others,
like me, are currently only subscribed to this list):


Now, you made a point of stating that it's only for developers and
being merely syntax and not semantics.

Why is that? If you define hCard in JSON and I get one, I'll know it's
an hCard, surely?

And would it be considered 'stepping beyond the charter' to make the
documentation of JSON Microformats an official part of this
'movement'?  Not just for moving them around, but for fetching, with
their own URIs and such.

I know it's not following after existing practice, but is there an
appetite for starting a parallel Microformats exercise doing this kind
of thing? That is, taking the excellent work done, distilling data
formats, and moving towards a 'hyperdata' proposal, with both XML and
JSON forms, and links between them?



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