[uf-discuss] Standardized Representation of Microformats in PHP/other languages

Ciaran McNulty mail at ciaranmcnulty.com
Thu Apr 3 00:54:52 PST 2008

As a tangential note from the discussion about a standardised JSON
format, it would be useful to be able to represent uF data as
datastructures in other programming languages.

hKit, I know, can return a serialised PHP object which is very useful
for those of us in that world.

The simplest way of 'specifying' such a structure would, IMO be to say
that it should be the equivalent of the JSON uF format, as if it had
been run through the json_decode() [1] function (which by default
returns an object but can be made to use an associative array).

Do any other of the PHP types have a strong opinion about this?  I
realise that at the moment it's a side issue.

Is there an obvious representation in any other programming languages?

-Ciaran McNulty

[1] http://uk2.php.net/json

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