[uf-discuss] Appropriate microformats for journal listings?

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Tue Apr 8 06:04:50 PDT 2008

Hi Angus,

On 8 Apr 2008, at 13:20, Angus McIntyre wrote:

> I'm editing a page that lists editions of a journal, each entry  
> having a form something like:
> 	Title
> 	Journalname 1 (2003)
> 	- downloadlink -
> 		Article 1
> 		Author1, Author2 (Affiliation)
> 		Article 2
> 		Author3 (Affiliation)
> and so on.
> Are there microformats that would make sense to use here? I toyed  
> with the idea of making the author name lines use vCard, but that  
> runs into problems where you have multiple authors belonging to the  
> same organization. hAtom?

Seems like a very good fit with hAtom, the only complication being the  
presence of multiple authors which is unhandled in hAtom, and…  
untested… in hCard.

VCARD has a concept of ‘AGENTS’, which effectively nests vcards within  
each other. They're unhandled in desktop software, so demand to work  
out parsing rules in hCard has been low. If my understanding of AGENT  
is current, though, this seems like an appropriate place to use them.  
It should look something like this:

<div class="hentry">
    <div class="author vcard">
        <span class="agent vcard">
            <a class="fn url" href="#">Ben Ward</a>
        <span class="agent vcard">
           <a class="fn url" href="#">Cyril Doussin</a>
        (<span class="org">Yahoo!</span>)

My understanding is that both named people should be ‘agents’ of the  
organisation. As to how this parses… that could be more fun and needs  
input from parser developers when they get a moment!


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