[uf-discuss] hCard uid

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 20:16:46 PDT 2008

Most parsers I encounter take this code (fragment from inside a
complete hCard that I'm parsing) :

<a class="url uid" rel="me" href="http://singpolyma.net/"><span
<span class="given-name">Stephen</span>
<span class="additional-name">Paul</span>

and give me a value of Weber, Stephen Paul for uid - the intended
value was definitely http://singpolyma.net/  - which is the correct
value under the standard, and what must I do to change my code to make
it right if my code is what's wrong ?

 - Stephen Paul Weber (Singpolyma)

Web: http://singpolyma.net/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/singpolyma
IM: singpolyma at gmail.com

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