[uf-discuss] xfn relationships of influence

James Tindall james at atomless.com
Fri Aug 29 05:58:51 PDT 2008

I've been refering to the xfn-brainstorming wiki for guidance on 
additional xfn ralationships. I can see from the wiki page that there's 
a desire to find a word to define the inverse of 'follower' but what I 
need is to offer users more options to choose from on both sides of the 
relationship - specifically in relation to the flow of influence.

Are there any examples or points of reference out there that I may have 
missed that already extend the xfn relationship options in this 
direction? Or should I not even be thinking about doing such a thing 
because xfn is not about influence?

The relationships I'm considering fall into two predicate groups, 
influence out(applied) and influence in(received).

Influence out: 'follower', 'student', 'subscriber', 'listener', 
'reader', 'viewer', 'supporter' and 'collaborator'.

Influence in: 'inspiration', 'favourite', 'teacher', 'mentor', 
'adviser', 'influence', 'source' and  'collaborator'.

I'm interested to hear any thoughts on this - whether I'm reinventing 
some wheel - if I'm adding complexity where none is needed or any other 



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