[uf-discuss] Nifty little hCalendar trick

Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 05:04:21 PST 2008

I needed to send details of a meeting to a few people, so I thought,  
what's a quick, easy way of doing that? hCalendar is obviously an  
easy way to type up the details, and iCalendar is good for people to  
be able to add it to their calendars.

So what I needed was an easy way to publish an event in hCalendar and  
a way for people to add that to their calendar software without  
downloading a microformat parser.

Introducing Cognition + pastebin!

Type up the hCalendar:


(Yes, you need the surrounding <html>...</html> tags right now. I'm  
working on a fix.)

And instant iCalendar!


E-mail the latter URL to everyone, and they can add the event to  
their calendars with one click!

("PB:" is a little macro I've made which expands to "http:// 
pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=". It is case-sensitive.)

Toby A Inkster
<mailto:mail at tobyinkster.co.uk>

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