[uf-discuss] .tel

Angus McIntyre angus at pobox.com
Wed Dec 3 09:39:48 PST 2008

Tim White wrote:
> Has anyone seen the upcoming .tel domains (http://telnic.org/)? Seems
> like a perfect spot for hCard.

That will presumably be at the discretion of the people who run the '.tel'
domain (i.e. Telnic), since there aren't expected to be any user-creatable
websites in '.tel'. It might be worth evangelizing to them.

Given that we're currently in the sunrise period for '.tel' and applying
for your '.tel' will cost you a cool $400, it may be a while before we
start seeing large scale adoption of '.tel' by individuals. I don't know
if prices will fall when the landrush period starts in February of next

Incidentally, there's an outfit called chi.mp (http://chi.mp/) who do
something broadly similar to Telnic. They give you a (currently) free
'.mp' domain to host contact information and links to your social network
activity, and act as an OpenID delegate. They would also be a candidate
for use of hCard: at present, the chi.mp-generated 'home pages' include a
<span> element with class 'vcard', but the examples that I've seen are not
a valid hCard. See, for example http://laurel.mp/. It looks as if chi.mp
aren't trying to support hCard properly.

I'd think that both of these services would also be good candidates for
use of rel-me, hResume (AFAIK they don't offer resume support, but perhaps
they should), and maybe hAtom (if they republish hAtom-izable content such
as blog or micro-blog posts).


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