[uf-discuss] hrecipe Draft now online *!!!!*

Thomas Loertsch loertsch.thomas at guj.de
Thu Dec 4 01:40:23 PST 2008


On 03.12.08 21:25, "Ben Ward" <lists at ben-ward.co.uk> wrote:

> On 3 Dec 2008, at 09:49, Thomas Loertsch wrote:
>> hRecipe is now a draft, linked from the frontpage. time to celebrate
>> (a
>> little) and scrutinely proofread, critizise and polish the sweet
>> little
>> bastard... http://microformats.org/wiki/recipe.
> I've already requested that the existing recipe-issues page be fully
> updated to track changes and decisions made in the move from Phae and
> my brainstorm to this draft.
> As per, new issues should be filed on the recipe-issues page.

i took care to document all discussions in the wiki (well, i guess i was a
bit sluggish with the last two issues...) - also those discussion i had
offline, when i pressured people by personal mail to comment, since they
didn't respond to my postings on the list. but i documented that process
mostly within the brainstorming page. i was aware that discussions should
take place on the mailinglist and i tried to drag them there, but when
people respond on the brainstorming page, it doesn't make sense to respond
to them again on the mailinglist or on the issues page. of course this is a
bit of a mess to follow subsequently, but which public discussion is not ;-)

what you're asking for now is to convert those discussions into issues and
document them on the issues page - or rather replicate them, since i don't
want to edit the brainstorming page. it's a reasonable aim to document the
discussions in one place and i hope to get something done by next week, but
it will be more of a documentation of the current draft than of the full
discussion process of issues and resolutions - which is a bit in contrast to
the issues already filed. i hope that's okay for everybody. i'll do what i
can ;-)

>> a few notes right away:
>> * i'm not so sure about who is named editor, author etc. please feel
>> free to
>> change as appropriate
> Phae and I authored one of the original brainstorms, and if that's the
> one that this was derived from, I'm happy with the credit.

your brainstorming is definitely the base of the current draft. it's about
90% unchanged.

> Naming the yourself as editor is fine by me (since you've obviously
> just edited this draft together

that was my reasoning too

> and Frances and I stepped back a while
> ago when we couldn't find time to commit to it), so as long as you're
> prepared to take on the workload of managing issues, that's fine too.

well, if i have to ;-) i certainly won't press for this position but at
least for the next 6 months i can assure that i can coordinate the editing

> I'll wait for the issues documentation to be completed and then follow
> up.

i'll post the list when i'm done with that


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