[uf-discuss] hFoaF - Hypertext Friend of a Friend

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Sat Dec 6 07:41:39 PST 2008

Hello Toby

Toby A Inkster wrote:
> Good work, Martin. As I am rubbish at XSLT, these few notes are mainly 
> from a FOAF perspective:
Thank you :-)
> 1. RDF (and thus FOAF, which is an application of RDF) uses URIs to 
> identify virtually everything. (There are exceptions: literals and 
> blank nodes.) What is important for RDF to work is that each distinct 
> resource (i.e. "thing") has a distinct URI. No two resources can share 
> a URI - syntactically there is nothing to prevent them sharing, but 
> semantically it doesn't work - things fall apart when you start 
> feeding your data into any sort of reasoning system.

Good catch Toby, I meant to fix this, Its fixed now by generating unique 
rdf:nodeID  's

> 2. You seem to have rel=author and rev=made back to front. They are 
> not for linking to stuff which you've authored/made; they are for 
> linking *from* stuff that you've authored *to* you! If you want to 
> link from *you* to stuff that you've authored, use rev=author or 
> rel=made.

Oh Oh this discussion again, right and wrong in brief

I only allowed for rel=author because I was told by the HTML5 WG that 
that it is the same as rev=made see:


If, I accept that rel=made on my homepage is to link to things I have 
made the relationship is defined as how THAT page relates to the 
referencing  page example:

<a rel="made"  href="http://someapp.com/">I made this app</a>

would translate as  <http://someapp.com/> made 
<http://referencingpage.com> which is wrong as "someapp" has not made  

lets try that with rev instead

<a rev="made"  href="http://someapp.com/">I made this app</a>

would translate as  <http://referencingpage.com/> made 
<http://someapp.com/> much better!

Think of vote-links[1] and how they work, instead of saying the 
referencing page is  a vote-* , its saying that it has "made",

[1] http://microformats.org/wiki/vote-links
> 3. In your example output, your foaf:name is "MartinMcEvoy" (no space).
Thanks Fixed, the xslt was stripping all spaces

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Martin McEvoy


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