[uf-discuss] What do I do when I have images with different licenses on a single page?

Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 05:37:27 PST 2008

Jorel Pi wrote:

> If I had a page with 2 images, each having a different license.  What
> am I supposed to do?

This is a known problem with rel=license, and the reason why  
rel=license has been (at least for now) removed as a component of the  
current hAudio, figure and hRecipe drafts. In general, the scoping of  
properties is an area where microformats have always been murky.

> I was thinking of just using span with the name of the license as  
> the class.

This is perfectly good POSH, but obviously no parsers will pay any  
attention to it. If you're looking for something which will be  
machine readable, then you probably want RDFa. RDFa has very clear  
scoping rules. An example might be:

	<img src="foo.jpeg" alt="A Foo">
	  <span about="foo.jpeg">
	    The image above is licensed under
	    <a rel=":license" href="foo.html">Foo licence</a>.
	  <span about="bar.jpeg">
	    The image below is licensed under
	    <a rel=":license" href="bar.html">Bar licence</a>.
	<img src="bar.jpeg" alt="A Bar">

The colons in the rel values are not actually needed, but they have  
the effect of "masking" the rel="license" from non-RDFa processors.  
Note that the "about" attribute is RDFa-specific, so if you want your  
page to validate, you'll need to use the RDFa doctype, which is:


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