[uf-discuss] hatom tumblr theme

James Tindall james at atomless.com
Mon Dec 15 06:32:08 PST 2008

All very helpful and informative - thanks Toby!

Toby A Inkster wrote:
> James Tindall:
>> Incidentally however, this vcard validator now complains that uid should
>> not appear twice on a page with the same value?
>> http://hcard.geekhood.net/?url=microformats.tumblr.com
> There is no prohibition on reusing UIDs in the hCard spec, but 
> hcard.geekhood.net goes far beyond the spec with regards to suggesting 
> best practices and things you might have missed. In general, I think 
> it's a good tool, but in this case I (personally) disagree with it.
> If Joe has an hCard for himself on his index.html and another hCard 
> for himself on his contact-me.html, then nobody would think twice 
> about giving them both the same UID. So if two hCards on different 
> pages can have the same UID, then why not two hCards on the same page? 
> What is important (and again this is just my opinion) is that if two 
> hCards do have the same UID (whether they're on different pages or the 
> same page), then they should be referring to the same contact (person, 
> organisation, place, whatever).
> To back up my argument, I'll cite the vCard spec (RFC 2426) which 
> defines the purpose of "UID" as:
>> To specify a value that represents a globally unique
>> identifier corresponding to the individual or resource
>> associated with the vCard.
> That is, the UID is a unique identifier for the contact, not a unique 
> identifier for the card.
> I've contacted Kornel about this warning message and suggested that he 
> change it so that the warning is only issued if two hCards have the 
> same UID but different FNs.
> As an aside, I'll point out that I do *not* recommend using the same 
> UID for the historic hCards in a resume, because in that situation, 
> merging details is not the desired behaviour - you want them to be 
> kept separate.

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