[uf-discuss] hProduct draft now available

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Tue Dec 16 14:03:59 PST 2008

Myers, Jay wrote:
> After several months of diligent work, I'm happy to announce the draft
> spec of the hProduct microformat, linked from the front page of the
> wiki. I look forward to your constructive feedback in order to better
> the format for eventual adoption. 

Hi Jay,

Glad to see that you have decided to take the lead on moving the
hProduct uf forward :)

I haven't been following the hProduct discussion that closely and this
was really the first time I took a look at the draft. I'd like to draw
your attention to a particular Microformat Process issue that you may or
may not know about...

> As per the process, we have included
> appropriate wiki pages for issues, faqs and examples. 

The hProduct examples page[1], including all example pages that it links
to[2][3], include around 11 example sites, with no mention to the number
of sites that were analyzed. One of the first steps that should be
completed before a Draft is proposed is extensive analysis of existing
websites providing products.

To put hProduct's 11 examples into perspective, hAudio had close to 84
examples for the online music store section alone. If you have the
analysis data that led to the current version of hProduct, please put it
on the wiki. We can't know if the vocabulary terms are a good choice
unless we have the data to back up the draft.

For example, here's the analysis of terms utilized in audio sites:


Is there an equivalent for hProduct? If not, is there a full set of
analysis data that backs up the vocabulary generated for hProduct?

-- manu


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