[uf-discuss] hCard UID was: hatom tumblr theme

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Wed Dec 17 03:13:36 PST 2008

Brian Suda wrote:
> So the UID is NOT the vCard itself, but connected to the data that is
> contained within it. This is how you can do identity consolidation.
> How you know that vCard over there with UID:123 is the same person as
> this vCard over here with UID:123 Even if they both have different
> information. This is why we have been trying to connect UID and URL,
> much like XFN and OpenID your identity is your URL, which is globally
> unique.

Hello Brian,

The above does not make any sense (to me), UID in microformats 99% of 
the time is hooked on the URL value, URL's are *not* globally unique to 
people just unique to the domain,  many people share urls with other 
people, so Identity consolidation via uid+url wont work. Also there is a 
problem when exporting transformed vCards to your address book, If I 
have one hcard over there and another hcard over here same name and 
url+uid  but the rest of the contact information is different, wont my 
address book just write over any existing contacts with the same UID 's?.
Identity consolidation may work using OpenID urls but how many people 
"in the wild" publish their OpenID url


Martin McEvoy


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