[uf-discuss] haudio contributor

Alf Eaton lists at hubmed.org
Tue Feb 5 02:35:09 PST 2008

Manu Sporny wrote:
> Alf Eaton wrote:
>> It would work, but so would a number of very complicated things. My
>> needs are essentially very simple:
>> <artist>Primal Scream</artist> - <album>Screamadelica</album>
>> so
>> <span class="creator">Primal Scream</span> - <span
>> class="album">Screamadelica</span>
> Why doesn't the following work for you, then?
> <div class="haudio">
>    <span class="contributor">Primal Scream</span> -
>    <span class="album">Screamadelica</span>
> </div>
> Per the hAudio spec, you have just marked up an album called
> "Screamadelica", whose primary contributor (the artist) is "Primal Scream".
> The example above is valid hAudio markup - is your issue with the word
> "contributor" instead of "creator"?

Basically, yes :-) And it's not a huge issue, I was just wondering if there was justification for it being that way - which there is, it seems.


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