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>> Both the Beatles and Geoff Emerick
>> "contributed" to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", for instance:
>>   <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sgt._Pepper%27s_Lonely_Hearts_Club_Band>
>> but one is clearly more significant than the other.
>Sure - but what about this one:
>Which one is more significant than the other - the label or the artist?

 From the point of view of the target audience of that page, the artist.

>Are "creators" more important than "contributors"? These questions are
>philosophical in nature - you can't assume that "creator" should be used
>to note the significance of a contribution.

Perhaps not - we need greater granularity.

>> There does seem to be a tendency in microformats, towards unduly low
>> granularity; I find that strange.
>Why do you find that strange?

Because we're all interested in making human-readable data available to 
machines. There seems little point in not doing so as well or as 
thoroughly as is possible, for little extra effort.

(There is a pojnt of diminishing returns, but in this case as in many 
others discussed here ion recent months, we're nowhere near it yet).

>We're working with lowest common
>denominator here. When you do that, you get low granularity.


>> Although in classical music, the composer may be as-, or more-,
>> prominent than the artist; likewise the conductor. Higher granularity
>> would allow for such distinctions.
>Sure - now all you have to do is find enough examples online, (we'll
>need about 30 with the composer clearly denoted as well as the artist
>with the composer more prominently displayed than the artist) for us to
>make the argument for putting this feature into hAudio.

I don't *have* to do any such thing; though I happen to have already 
started doing so; and I certainly don't have to comply with some 
invented quantitative requirement (after all, it's well over a year 
since I attempted to do so for the taxonomic names of living things, and 
despite providing many millions, and having asked him numerous times, 
Tantek has yet to give a simple yes or no answer to my question as to 
whether that's sufficient).

Andy Mabbett

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