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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Feb 5 08:41:38 PST 2008

In message <1202227070.9752.13.camel at weborganicscouk>, Martin McEvoy 
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>On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 01:56 +1100, Michael MD wrote:
>> >Why doesn't the following work for you, then?
>> >
>> ><div class="haudio">
>> >   <span class="contributor">Primal Scream</span> -
>> >   <span class="album">Screamadelica</span>
>> ></div>
>> That may be fine for someone who just wants to mark up some tracks they like
>> on a personal blog ... but an artist or record store may want to be able to
>> say who composed it, who performed it, who did studio production, who
>> remixed it, who a guest instumentalist was, what label released it, and
>> maybe even who distibutes it and want to be able to distinguish between
>> them.
>Oh but you can...
><div class="haudio">
> <span class="album">Screamadelica</span>
>   <span class="contributor vcard">
>   <span class="role">Artist</span> -
>   <span class="fn org">Primal Scream</span>
>   </span>

1) that's not the model referred to in "Why doesn't the following work 
for you, then?", above.

2) Where is the evidence, in examples like that quoted at the top if 
this post, that people publish terms like "Artist" when referring to the 
key creator?

>   <span class="contributor vcard">
>   <span class="role">Producer</span> -
>   <span class="fn">Andrew Weatherall</span>
>   </span>

How does that cater for people who use "produced by" instead of 

>   <span class="contributor vcard">
>   <span class="role">Vocals</span> -
>   <span class="fn">Jah Wobble</span>
>   </span>

The role there is "singer" or "vocalist", not "vocals".

>The only thing I might add is vcard looks redundant? as the context 
>describes audio, not buisness cards?

hCard is not just for business cards. It's for "people, organisations or 

Andy Mabbett

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