[uf-discuss] Apple Data Detectors

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Wed Feb 6 01:20:22 PST 2008

> But much of these bad things can be aleviated by one of the other
> suggestions in this thread: As-you-type validation.  As soon as you
> type in "Feb" for instance, autocomplete style routines kick into
> action, helping the author write the date in exactly the right format.
> Then as they hit "publish" it becomes a microformat, proper, with
> markup and all.

certainly ... and such things can be good for forms on websites ... but I 
was trying get some useful data out of a whole lot of press releases people 
send me.
(stuff that is normally just ignored because there is nobody with the spare 
time to re-enter it manually!)

--- if only event promoters would mark up those html emails with 
hCalendar! ---- (and hCard/geo for venues/locations/cities/countries)   :-)

...but of course we are unlikely to see much of that until the email and 
word processing software they are actually using has tools for adding such 
markup to their emails.

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