[uf-discuss] Microformats, how are they used?

Walter Logeman walter at psybernet.co.nz
Wed Feb 6 13:38:15 PST 2008


New to Microformats and this list.

I am trying to get my head around Microformats for an art project I 
have in mind, and am following the "process" and Poshifying my site.

I have added a few new tags, rel="spouse", rel="colleague" on my 
WordPress blog I am curious how these get used.  I have installed 
Operator and Tail Export on Firefox, I can't see anything show up 
other than on the source file.

With hReview, I have one that is seen by Operator and Tail View (with 
some errors indicated), yet I wonder why I one would mark up reviews 
in this way.

I can see some uses

The source file is more human readable with meaning
CSS can be used more effectively
hCard can be imported to Outlook

I am hoping to aggregate some items in a particular way, first I want 
to learn more and see examples of Microformats put to use.

Warm wishes,


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