[uf-discuss] hentry?

Brandon Richards mircury at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 09:43:49 PST 2008

I've been thinking about how to create a standard structure to format
a post within a publishing system and I was looking for a microformat
and was wondering if the hentry as used on posts on microformats.org
is a proposed spec and if there are any other examples? Would this be
important in portability for different doc types when the ability to
'save as' already exists? Nevertheless, here is an example of what
I've been toying with based upon some borrowed code from
microformats.org, but I'm not sure if I'm re-inventing the wheel or if
this is even needed.

<div class="entry hentry">
	<ul class="entry-meta">
		<li><a href="#" rel="bookmark" title=""></a></li>
		<li><address class="author vcard"><a class="url fn"
	<h1 class="fn entry-title"></h1>
	<p class="vcard author fn"></p>
	<div class="entry-summary"></div>
	<div class="entry-body"></div>
	<div class="entry-extended"></div>
	<div class="entry-continued"></div>


Brandon Neil Richards
mailto:mircury at gmail.com

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