[uf-discuss] Sparqlbot - kinda like the computer on Star Trek

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Thu Feb 21 06:39:08 PST 2008

This has to be the coolest semantic web related thing I've seen this
year. Sparqlbot lets you load semantic data from various URLs and
perform SPARQL queries on them via IRC using natural language.

It understands hCard, there is an example of it being used in Twitter -
neat proof of concept.

The end result is something that resembles the ship computer from Star Trek.


* Now talking on #sparqlbot, on irc.freenode.net
* Topic for #sparqlbot is: sparqlbot noise, see
http://semsol.org/semcamp/sparqlbot for commands
* Topic for #sparqlbot set by bengee at Wed Feb 20 12:04:32 2008
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<msporny> sparqlbot, load http://rss.slashdot.org/Slashdot/slashdot
<sparqlbot> 221 triples loaded in 4.78 seconds
<msporny> sparqlbot, news about RIAA
<sparqlbot> Leaked RIAA Training Video
<mhausenblas> hey manu. that was quick ;)
<msporny> :)
<mhausenblas> try the geo stuff or picture as well
<msporny> yeah, wanted to try it out :)
<msporny> how do you use the geo stuff?
<mhausenblas> omp, I'll show
<mhausenblas> % Geonames-based location on Google map
<mhausenblas> sparqlbot, geo-load Vienna
<sparqlbot> 35 triples loaded in 1.53 seconds
<mhausenblas> so instead of Vienna you can use any name of a city, etc
<mhausenblas> sparqlbot, where is Vienna
<sparqlbot> Vienna is at 48.2084877601653, 16.3720750808716, view on
map: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=48.2084877601653,16.3720750808716
<msporny> wow
<msporny> that's awesome.
<mhausenblas> it goes to Geonames, searches for 'Vienna' and the
lat/long is put into map
<mhausenblas> next: Person
<mhausenblas> % FOAF-based person's geo-home (location on Google map)
<mhausenblas> sparqlbot, load http://sw-app.org/mic.xhtml
<sparqlbot> 41 triples loaded in 1.93 seconds
<mhausenblas> note: that's RDFa ;)
<mhausenblas> sparqlbot, mhausenblas's geo-home
<sparqlbot> http://sw-app.org/mic.xhtml#i geo-home is at 47.064, 15.453,
view on map: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=47.064,15.453
<mhausenblas> mhausenblas is my foaf:nick
* msporny's jaw is on the floor.
<mhausenblas> you can also pull in from Twitter (has hCard)
<msporny> so, it understands hCard using GRDDL?
<mhausenblas> yeah. bengee did really a great job with the bot!!!
<msporny> no doubt!
<mhausenblas> not sure about how the µF is pulled in - bengee?
<bengee> via ARC extractors
<bengee> and thanks :)
<bengee> just updated the command UI
<msporny> do you have a demo of hCard being used? I'm going to send this
out to the uF community.
<bengee> the hcards from twitter work
<msporny> got an example?
<bengee> it's added as foaf:name
<bengee> hmm, but needs foaf:nick, too
<mhausenblas> great! thankx bengee. wouldn't be URI be better for the
<bengee> so, no pure hcard command yet I think
<mhausenblas> I added both, for now :9
<bengee> dc:creator was simpler
<mhausenblas> :)
* TedThibodeauJr (n=Thud at ws2.openlinksw.com) has joined #sparqlbot
<msporny> sparqlbot, load http://twitter.com/Scobleizer
<bengee> ah, damn you
<bengee> ;)
<msporny> :)
<sparqlbot> 1132 triples loaded in 20.3 seconds
<msporny> YES!
<bengee> sparqlbot, smush
<sparqlbot> OK
<msporny> :(
<msporny> What does smush do?
<msporny> It sounds like all my triples are gone...
<bengee> sparqlbot, Scobleizer's contacts
<sparqlbot> bengee, I found Mr Messina, missrogue, Scott Beale, Evan
Williams, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, sara, Krissy, Philip Kaplan, veen,
Jason Shellen, Sacca, Scott Fegette, Matt Galligan, Jerry Richardson,
danah, Brian Walsh, Clint G, Jim Williams, Paul Morriss, Colin
Schlüter, Ian Hay, Wayne Sutton, nanek, Ross, caroline, Hunter, Eric
Alba, Brad Barrish, necrodome, Mack D. Male, Nitin, om, Jason, Narendra,
steve epstein, Dave McClure, Brad Davis S
<bengee> smush consolidates bnodes
<bengee> so that you can do xfn queries (like the one above) by name
<msporny> bengee - this is the coolest thing I've seen this year.
<bengee> heh, thx
<bengee> sparqlbot, faq microformats
<sparqlbot> bengee, see http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/SW-FAQ#relmf
<mhausenblas> what I say all the time!!!!!
<mhausenblas> bengee IS cool :)
<mhausenblas> % Geonames-based pictures from flickr
<mhausenblas> sparqlbot, geo-load Rome
<sparqlbot> 103 triples loaded in 3.71 seconds
<mhausenblas> sparqlbot, pictures from Rome
<sparqlbot> pictures from Rome at 41.9, 12.4833333, view via

-- manu

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