[uf-discuss] RFC on hCardMapper script

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Feb 27 13:32:21 PST 2008

In message <000101c87935$7a224816$5a518853 at omniacomputing.de>, Gordon
Oheim <go at omnia-computing.de> writes

>I have assembled a small script that maps hCards onto form fields. The
>reason for this was a client job, where I wanted to simplify filling
>out a contact form. The script uses PrototypeJS and Scriptaculous for
>the dialogues and the mofo parser on the serverside to fetch remote
>I have assembled a demo page at lib.omnia-computing.de/hcardmapper.

If you use the "http://" prefix, you'll make a clickable link in many
mail clients:


That 's a pretty neat service (the first of its kind, I think), but
publishers should be wary of sing something that relies on Javascript
for important functions; server side scripting is better - though I
suppose users without Javascript do have the option of manual data

Also, a bug (or at least a sub-optimal behaviour): when a fragment URL
is entered, such as:


then all the hCards on the page are returned in the selection box, even
though there is only one at that address.

Please add your service to eth iki, not elast at:


Andy Mabbett

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