[uf-discuss] hAudio rel-enclosure & linking issues

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Jan 10 15:06:06 PST 2008

The hAudio spec says:


        Full Download (Enclosure)

        A Full Download URI specifies from where the full version of an
        audio recording may be retrieved. The URI MUST point to a direct
        link to a file retrieval process (FTP, HTTP, BitTorrent URI,

           *    The element is identified by a URI fitting the
                rel-design-pattern, the rel content being enclosure.

This does not allow for links to streaming files, which are not
cacheable, and are thus outside the scope of rel-enclosure:


        relEnclosure is a simple, open, format for indicating files to


        relEnclosure is one of several microformats. By adding
        rel="enclosure" to a hyperlink, a page indicates that the
        destination of that hyperlink is intended to be downloaded and

An example is found at:


where the relevant link is below the heading "LISTEN AGAIN".

Also, there appears to be no mechanism to mark up an hAudio, expressed
in plain text on page A, which links to an interim page, B, which in
turn links to a file download. For example, the radio shows listed on:


Andy Mabbett

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