[uf-discuss] Reviving hProduct

Jay Myers jmyers at visi.com
Mon Jul 7 09:11:11 PDT 2008


It seems like the hProduct microformat hasn't seen a lot 
of revisions since it's initial brainstorming in 2006 
(feel free to correct me on this if there are current 
efforts taking place :-) ). I'm attempting to revise the 
schema for use in an upcoming August / September project 
release. I have taken the current brainstorming schema and 
added on some new items. I would like to open this up to 
discussion and move this format forward, and any 
assistance the community would be able to provide would be 

Altered schema: 
Unstyled HTML example: 

The altered schema:

     * version. optional. text.

     * name. required.

     * image. optional. IMG element or rel='image'. could 
be further refined as image type ( thumb || full, photo || 

     * description. optional. could be denoted as 
'summary' or 'extended'.

     * brand. text | hCard

     * uri. optional. URI to product page, href could 
contain rel='product'.

     * price. optional. could be further refined as 
specific type (sale || regular || msrp || clearance || 
savings). should follow currency format.

     * p-v. optional. opens up possibilities for custom 
property-value pairs in more complex examples.

             o property. required. property types could 

             - artist

             - author

             - released - hCal event for date of release

             - upc

             - isbn

             - sku

             - sn

             - vin

             - batch

             - size

             - color

             - uid - unique id, item number as provided by 
manufacturer or retailer

             - offer

             - others. possibly around product specs, 

         o value. required. (label may be implied)
     * availability. optional.

     * shipping. optional. shipping messaging.

     * reviews. text | hReview

     * buy. optional. purchase URL.


Jay Myers

(e)jmyers at visi.com

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