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Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Mon Jul 14 19:40:36 PDT 2008

Le 15 juil. 2008 à 11:16, Scott Reynen a écrit :
> Do you have any examples of the non-Gregorian dates being published  
> online?  Or any examples of applications that can take non-Gregorian  
> dates as input?

For those who need to understand.

The era system is very common on paper form, and on labels in  
supermarket at least (for those I have noticed in my daily life in  
Japan). In fact it is a mix, it is not regular. Some forms have even  
the possibility to deal with the two systems.

It is mostly used by officials organizations like governments.

For example this article in one of the main national newspapers: Yomiuri


平成20年 - this is the year 20 of Heisei Era.
The sentence says the project started at this date. You will notice  
that the article has also dates in gregorian calendar, so it mixes both.

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